Recently, we have been observing rapid advancement in science and technology,  and because of this,  a growing number of innovative new products both in academia and industry have been developed  with a speed that has never been experienced before. Accordingly, many operation and production lines have become fully automated with ever-sophisticated systems very quickly  and in a very cost-effective manner. As such, we, Yasui Kikai corporation, believe that it is our mission to serve our customers by designing and providing top-notch scientific, inspection, and industrial research instruments that will help scientists and industrial users  accelerate the progress of their research and development.
Yasui Kikai is a leading technology solutions provider of precision instrument systems and the necessary complementary products that accompany them. From industrial automation to academic research equipment, Yasui Kikai's products are used throughout the world. We are confident that our ample experience and unique technological knowhow  can provide high quality service to help your business and research excel. Yasui Kikai will continue its challenge of carrying out vigorous R&D efforts in order to help give  better service to the community of science and technology.

Corporation overview

Headquarter :Office & Factory

2-2-8 Nakano-Cho, Miyakojima-Ku Osaka-city, Japan 534-0027

Phone :

Fax: 81-6-6353-0217
Office locations : Osaka (main office)
Establishment : March 1953
Chief executive officer : Shuji Yasui
Business description :

・Custom design of precision instrument for R&D
・Inspection, and industrial research instruments
・Analytical instrument for environmental pollution
・Import and export sales of research instrument

Products and service :

Research and industrial device :
・Multi-beads shocker® :Sample preparation equipments for analysis.
・Analytical instrument :Environment pollution analyzer.